Offer and cooperation


HTTECH with its game-changing production process has substantial global market potential. The total annual demand for coke as a reduction agent in the production of ferromanganese, ferrosilicon, and silicon is 6 000 000 tons. With a market price €260 per ton, the total addressable market (TAM) for PyroBioCarbon is €1 560 M. PBC could also, in the long run, be relevant for the steel market segment. TAM for steel is €24 960M. The combined TAM is, therefore, €26 520M. HTTECH has the following unique selling points for the PBC: It has the same features and outperforms traditional carbon as a reduction agent on price and emissions.
The reduction in greenhouse gases and opex are 50 % and 30 % respectively. PyroBioCarbon will not alter the production process and has in the short run no implications on Capex. The production process of PBC can easily be integrated with the customer’s production process making the production process more competitive and create new commercially attractive products. The production process of PyrBioCarbon has side streams of heat and hydrogen. The heat can be exploited in the customer’s production process, while the hydrogen can be sold as a separate commercially attractive product.


Avoid environmental impact by replacing
1 kg of coal with 1 kg PBC.

Market positioning & turnover

The potential beachhead markets are ferromanganese and silicon. Within a six years’ period HTTECH is aiming for taking a strong position in one of the beachhead markets and a position in one of the follow-on markets. HTTECH is aiming for 4 % the beachhead market share and 72,5 MEUR in turnover. HTTECH expects to generate 7,5 MEUR in profit. The Return on Investment is expected to be between two and three years. In a 10-year period, with taking in a strong position in the follow-on markets for the PBC, HTTECH will also target hydrogen beachhead markets. To reach target sales, HTTECH plans to increase staff.
By the end of 2020, HTTECH’s plans to hire two sales engineers, and based on the chosen revenue and price strategy could also hire engineers and technical services according to the workload. Additionally, HTTECH will need industrial partners such as 1) production plant 2) transport company 3) gas handling company. The table below shows the projected revenues, profits and job creation from HTTECH activities within six years.
Variable cost includes (a.o.):

- Raw material cost

- Logistics

- Infrastructure amortization

Fixed cost:

- Bank loan payments (17% of total fixed costs; Payback time 3 years)

- ROI (20% of total fixed cost)

- Site lease cost (8 % of fixed costs)

- Staff costs (40% of total fixed cost)

- Other costs (15 % of total fixed cost)


Following forecast is showing the expenditure breakdown structure of the first year of operation with estimated turnover 15 MUER.