Today the world needs multiple times more energy than it was yesterday. Mankind has already mastered many of the various methods of extracting energy, and to this day the most effective and easily accessible ones are a fossil. Our generation has come up against a very important challenge, such as global warming, which in turn is exacerbated by emissions such as CO, CO2 and CH4.

The mission of HTTECH is not just to give the world more clean energy and new clean materials, but to make this energy and future materials effective, easily accessible, inexpensive, and most importantly, emission negative.

Core technology

In our understanding, the sustainability and efficiency of processes is the key to solving many of today's challenges. inefficient use of resources is one of the most important factors negatively affecting the environment.

The core of our technology is the controlled thermal decomposition of materials and the further effective redistribution of the released resources, for example, such as carbon and hydrogen.

Awards and achievements

The green business idea

1st place. Kristiansand, 2017

PBC Project

Demonstration for The Norwegian Prime Minister,June, 2018

Climate Kic accelerator program

Copenhagen, February 2018

EYDE Cluster innovation frame award

Arendal, November 2017

Norwegian Center for Multicultural Value Creation

iStart Competition, 3rd place, Oslo 2017

Start-Up participation at SLUSH

Helsinki, December 2017

The crew